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News & Articles

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Do You Want Fee Disclosure?

A recent article in InvestmentNews shared some of the findings of recent investor roundtables hosted by the SEC. To no ones surprise, investors want more clarity when it comes to the fees they are paying.

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Results in Advance Planning

Have you ever wondered if your retirement plan is on track, but didn't want to spend a ton on a 100-page plan you need a PhD in finance to understand? Well, I'm making a Crazy Dan deal where I'm offering my Results in Advance plans for half off at $300.

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Who is My Ideal Client?

Isn't that the big question - who is my ideal client? I realized after lots of reflection the advice of experts and coaches really doesn't apply in my situation, but a different factor does.

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Useless Bits of Information

It's good to know some randomly useless information every once in a while. Well, here are some recent facts that may help to impress your friends and coworkers. Or, maybe win a round on Jeopardy.

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Do I Need a Fiduciary?

The Fiduciary rule is officially dead, at least for now. Although I am a fiduciary I thought it was worth sharing some headlines as to why I feel it needs to be instituted for all "advisors."