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College Visits - Our Experience and Tips, Episode 8

Today we are going a bit off-topic. A big part of the role I play with clients isn't just talking about improving their financial picture but helping them achieve a better work-life balance as well. So what off-topic topic are we talking about? The college selection process. I’ve been through it once already and am going through it again this year. Both experiences are turning out to be different but I feel there are a few things I can share that may help any of you who are in the same boat. Tune in to the episode for details on our experience.  

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Admissions counselors and how they can make a difference [2:07]

  • The blend [3:04] 

  • Your mail vs your kid’s email [4:02]

  • Why it’s a buyers market for shopping students [4:24]

  • Having your child talk to someone in the profession they may pursue [5:57]

  • The sales tip section: Sandler success triangle [9:31]

  • This week’s FLASHBACK [11:23] 

The blend and some things that can make a difference

While touring colleges during a pandemic changes things a bit— as some schools still allow in-person tours and others are only offering virtual— it shouldn’t stop you. The more you tour the more they blend together but a great tour guide can help a school stand out. I would strongly encourage you to meet with a professor or better yet a student within the program your child is looking at. It doesn't have to be on the first visit, but maybe if that school has made the cut list. This is important and can give some real insight to the school. 

The sales tip section: Sandler success triangle

I wanted to touch base on the Sandler success triangle. There are three parts of the triangle, attitude, behavior, and technique. I'll break it down and keep it simple attitude is how you believe in yourself, your product, your organization, and how successful you believe you will be. Behavior is you doing the right things on a regular basis. Lastly, technique just comes down to strategies and tactics you use while executing your behavior. Listen to the segment for all the details! 

This week’s FLASHBACK: A six-cent Halloween?

I wanted to share my favorite and oddest Halloween treats I used to receive in my neighborhood as a child. A neighbor on our block owned a local bakery and every year we would get a fresh doughnut from her. It's obviously was the first house that we would visit and it was the highlight of the day. The oddest treat wasn’t a treat at all. It was a guy who lived a block away who would give each kid six cents. Yes, .06¢! I never knew why and I never interacted with him except when trick or treating. It wasn't necessarily six pennies, one person might get six pennies, others would get a nickel and a penny, it was just odd. It didn't make any sense. I never understood why. I guess it's still confusing me to this day but it’s a memory I’ll never forget. 

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