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What I've Been Reading - Spring Edition Thumbnail

What I've Been Reading - Spring Edition

It’s been some time since I last shared what I’ve been reading lately. I won’t go over the entire list, but figured I would share a few.


I’ve officially finished all the Michael Connelly books. At least the ones I can get through the library. You may know him from the Bosch series, which became a show on Amazon Prime. Bosch has always been a solid character, although quite a jerk. I think almost every Connelly book is based in LA. He has a few other prime characters who have been the focus of some novels. The ones I enjoy the most are the Mickey Haller books. He is a lawyer and at least one book has been turned into a movie. The Lincoln Lawyer. Anyways, solid author with lots of books to choose from.


Speaking of Prime shows, I read a couple of the Jack Reacher novels. Now I remember why I stopped reading them years ago. It is just not for me. Every book is pretty much the same, just a different location. I did enjoy the Prime show for some mindless viewing.


Stephen King books have never appealed to me. However, I decided to give him another try. First with the Green Mile. I did not realize that book was actually a series he wrote over time. It is a good book and not the horror King is known for. I also read Later, which I guess is a twist to the Sixth Sense concept. I think I will leave King’s books to my older son, who has read more of his stuff than I ever will.


Onto some nonfiction stuff. The first book is God’s Bankers. This is not an easy read and is lengthy. It is quite a book though. It really felt like fiction at some points. The background is the author is a former attorney who started writing. The level of detail is amazing as he dissects how the Catholic church has used its power and influence over the centuries. And much of it comes down to money.


Another faith-related book is Jesus, Interrupted. The author is a professor of the New Testament and the early Christian church. He is a prolific author (no one can say this professor does not publish) and I have read several of his books. I like this one as it breaks down the contradictions in the Bible, with the focus on the New Testament. This is a good read if you want to know more of the history of early Christianity.


I also recently read Pegasus Bridge from Stephen Ambrose. The focus here is on British airborne troops who were the first to engage on D Day. It is another solid book from Ambrose. It is not quite as good as Band of Brothers or Undaunted Courage, but still a good read and a quick one.


One more nonfiction book I highly recommend. How The Word Is Passed: A Reckoning With The History of Slavery Across America by Clint Smith. This book has won a ton of awards and rightfully so. I won’t say too much about this book, but do recommend you grab a copy.


Finally, I am rereading all of the Tom Clancy books and in order. It was a long winter and I needed something to read. I forgot the level of detail he goes into with his novels. Next on the list are some Daniel Pink books I have on request from the library.

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