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What I've Been Reading - Fall 2022 Thumbnail

What I've Been Reading - Fall 2022

It seems like a good time to share some highlights of what I have been reading lately. This is later than normal as I found myself reading too many work-related books. And I doubt anyone besides me wants to read them. Instead, let’s cover some of the more interesting ones.


I believe it makes sense to share my favorite book I read recently. Devotion by Adam Makos. This one popped onto my radar because of the trailer for the movie version. It is about Corsair pilots in the Korean War. There are two main characters. First is Jesse Brown who goes from being a sharecropper’s son in Mississippi to become the first African American pilot to fly off carriers for the Navy. Also, his good friend, Tom Hudner, who passed on Harvard to become a Navy pilot. There is also an appearance from Liz Taylor. The trailer for the movie looks solid and the book was terrific.


Next is another war-related book. This came as a recommendation from someone else. Sea of Thunder from Evan Thomas. It is about the Battle of Leyte Gulf during WWII. What is interesting is how he shows it from the perspective of both the American and Japanese sides. I knew nothing about this battle and learned so much I did not know about the war, especially about Japan’s approach to it. It is definitely worth picking up a copy from the library.


Third one I wanted to share was actually a bit disappointing. American Demon by Daniel Stashower. I figured I would read this one as it was about a serial killer in Cleveland and Elliot Ness. It felt like more of a book primarily focused on Elliot Ness and less about the killings. I won’t share too much as I don’t want to reveal anything. However, after finishing it I felt like the author had some sort of axe to grind with Elliot Ness. He does mention a connection to Ness and it seems like this impacted his approach. I can’t really recommend this one unless you want to learn a little more about Cleveland.  


The final book was actually one I listened to. It was the Fellowship of the Rings. I have never read any of these Tolkien books. I wanted something to listen to while in the woods and my older son recommended them as I was looking for a longer book. I think it was about 3 billion hours long. After I finished it I made a comment to my son and asked him if he had read it. He told me one summer reading assignment he had to read three books and he picked the whole trilogy not realizing how long they were. All I know is I think Tolkien actually wanted to write musicals. Honestly, Andy Serkis narrates the audio version and did a terrific job. Plus I learned how different it is from the movies. Glad they left out Tom Bombadil!

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