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What I'm Reading - Summer 2024 Edition Thumbnail

What I'm Reading - Summer 2024 Edition

It’s been some time since I last shared information on what I have been reading lately. Since it is summer the time seems appropriate for another sharing. It is a two-minute read, at most. 

Discipline is Destiny is a favorite book of mine. I think I read it last year for the first time, although I have read other stuff from Ryan Holiday in the past. The short version is this book is about the Stoic thoughts on temperance, which really comes down to self-control. He uses a lot of great real life examples and they are not just from the time of the Stoics. Definitely an easy read for sitting on the beach. However, it may cause you to do some deep reflection. 

The next book is from Admiral William McRaven and is about his time as the longest serving Navy SEAL. It is titled Sea Stories. You may know of him from a viral commencement speech he gave about making your bed, which became a book too. This book starts as he is a child until his retirement from the Navy. It is amazing how many world events he was involved in. And I did not realize he is the one responsible for us having to remove our shoes at airport security. He does apologize for this as he thought it would only last for a few weeks. Regardless, another solid read.

The final book is Tunnel 29. It is about the Berlin Wall and escaping from East Germany to the West. I really wasn’t sure if this would be that great, but I discovered I was wrong. It has everything from information about when Russia came into Germany at the end of WWII through the construction of the wall and life thereafter. There was so much I learned. It involves informants, secret police, news media being involved, and more. One thing I really liked about it is how the author tells the story through short chapters. This helps me think the story is moving faster, which I enjoy. Definitely a solid recommendation from me.

 I love to read. My wife mentioned to me recently when we first met I had a book in my hand. I completely forgot that as I was always reading in grad school, mostly because my TV didn’t really work but I didn’t tell her that😉   Regardless, I am always looking for good book recommendations. Send them my way if you have any.