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I Need Your Help Thumbnail

I Need Your Help

I have a big favor to ask - I need your advice.  The short version is I am considering doing something I have never done before and want your insight into whether it is a good idea.  What I need to figure out is whether I should do an educational presentation for people nearing or just into retirement. 

The educational presentation I am considering doing would NOT be a dinner seminar, which seems to be what most advisors like to do.  Instead, my presentation would be roughly four hours of educational material over two separate weekday evenings.  I would cover eight different areas:

  • Retirement Goals
  • Living Expenses in Retirement
  • Income and Distribution in Retirement
  • Retirement Tax Strategies
  • Investment Behavior
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning

I’m going to do the presentations at a local university a few times a year starting in either May or September.  Again, this isn’t a dinner seminar so no food will be served here.  If someone attends it is because they are coming for the knowledge, not the entrée. 

Now, I am not considering doing these to attract a bunch of clients.  I already have a waiting list for people who want to come on board with me.Instead, I think there needs to be a more holistic type of education program so people nearing retirement can build a solid foundation.  My program would be evidence-based instead of a fear-based approach, which is what seems to happen at the “traditional” dinner seminar. 

So, is this the dumbest idea you have ever heard of?  If not, is it something you think would be beneficial for people nearing or just into retirement?  And don’t worry if you’re afraid your feedback will hurt my feelings.  My skin is pretty thick after all the years of cold-calling when I first started.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for humoring me (again) in this week’s article.