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Greatest About Me Video Ever! Thumbnail

Greatest About Me Video Ever!

You may have never noticed, but I have had a video about my firm and philosophy on my website for a few years.  It was a bit outdated and was also animated, however, it may have been the best $35 I ever spent in my practice.  Yes, I spent $35 on a video for my site.  Actually, it was $25 with a $10 tip via Fiverr.  Regardless, I decided it was time to update things. 

With the help of RedShirt Productions (Redshirtvideos@gmail.com) I now have a new one and it is not animated.  You can see the “greatest video ever” (created for Forward Thinking Wealth Management) here on my YouTube channel.  Also, thanks to Carl Richards for helping with the script and Roetzel and Andress for the use of a great office to film.

This video is different than most financial advisor videos.  I don’t spend my time getting deep about investments, markets, service models, etc.  You know, all the stuff everyone else does.  If you are reading this, you know I operate under a philosophy of cutting through the confusion to get to clarity.  And, I am unlike most advisors.  Or, as a friend of mine calls me, I’m a unicorn (I think that is a compliment).

Enjoy the video and hopefully it is a bit better than an animated one, although my ugly mug is front and center!