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FTWM Educational Video Series Thumbnail

FTWM Educational Video Series

I mentioned some time back how I was rolling out videos.  I am not built for videos as I have a face for radio and a voice for written word, but I still did a few.  The approach with doing some videos was to make another simple way to share my education-focused approach with my practice.  I figured if someone couldn’t spare five minutes to read one of my articles maybe they could listen in for a couple of minutes.  To my surprise I am starting to notice my videos are getting a bit of play on various social media platforms.  Because of this I going to be rolling out a video a week for your pleasure, or for you to ignore if you wish.

All my videos are hosted on my YouTube channel, which is here.  I don’t seem to have too many views directly on YouTube, however, I have been uploading them to LinkedIn and Facebook.  These two platforms are where I have been having quite a few views.

I figured it was worth sharing a few of my videos here.  The first two are the two most popular ones and the final are the most recent ones I have created. 

First, the Mega Backdoor Roth has been the most watched video.  This is a quick overview of this unique planning tool for retirement

Next is just a quick explanation of my firm and why I launched.  Everyone needs and introduction and this clip is the one for Forward Thinking Wealth Management and my progressive fee model.

Another overlooked retirement planning tool is the Health Savings Account, which can be found here.  And since we are talking about retirement, we cannot ignore changes in Social Security for 2018.  Finally, hot off the editing software is one on volatility.

Finally, because people seem to like my videos I figured I would start doing some longer ones.  The problem with short videos is I cannot get too deep into any one topic.  These longer videos would be “webinar-like,” however, I would be able to get into more detail.  So, if there are certain topics you would like me to cover, please shoot me an email.