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A Transparent, Single Flat Fee Financial Planning Firm Devoted To Helping You Achieve Your Life Goals.

flat fee financial planning in Akron, Ohio


Do you really know how much you pay your financial advisor year after year?

How about how much you pay for your investment products?

Are your investments as tax-efficient as they can be?

Have you ever felt you really are not in control of your investment portfolio?

Cut Through the Confusion with Forward Thinking

A Fee-Only Wealth Management Firm Serving Akron, Ohio and Beyond.

I’m Dan Johnson, CFP® and founder of Forward Thinking Wealth Management, LLC. I offer full-service, single flat-fee financial planning focused on helping hardworking professionals at any stage of life. While I’m located in Akron, Ohio, I’m proud to work virtually with clients across the country.

Did You Know Anyone Can Call Themselves a Financial Planner?

The financial services industry is cluttered with confusion, commission-based advising and product pushing.

That’s why I started Forward Thinking, as a solution to combat the confusion and rid clients of the assumption that advisors have the ability to control the market. Through a transparent, flat-fee pricing model and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, as a Fiduciary I’m empowered to create honest strategies and goal-oriented solutions for my clients.

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Dan Johnson, CFP® Photo

Dan Johnson, CFP®

I have a very different background than most financial planners.  After finishing grad school at The Ohio State University I spent over a decade working for local cities in west Michigan in city management focusing on economic development.  Eventually my wife and I wanted to move back to the Akron, Ohio area to raise our family and I made the shift to working in the financial services industry.  I spent roughly a decade working first at Merrill Lynch and then at a small investment firm in the greater Akron area before deciding to launch my own firm.  I also spent several years being trained to help families who have loved ones with special needs to create comprehensive plans that go well beyond simply looking at their finances. 

I currently live in Akron, Ohio with my wife and two sons.  Outside of work I am a member of the Julie Billiart of St. Sebastian Parish Board, which is a Catholic grade school for children with special needs.  I am also a board member at the Village of St. Edwards Nursing Home. During my free time, I spend as much time as possible with my family, which mostly seems to involve me driving my sons to and from various activities such as cross-country and swimming practices.

Goal-Oriented Financial Planning For Your Total Wealth Picture

My Clients Know Exactly What They’re Paying For. Do You?

I can’t control the market, and neither can anyone else. That’s why I base my $4,800* annual flat-fee on experience and service, not your assets under management. *Please note the annual flat-fee will be $8,400 effective January 1, 2020 for new clients.

A few years ago I heard the story of a conversation between a client and advisor:

Client - "I pay you 1% on the $200,000 of my assets you manage, right?"

"Correct. That 1% is $2,000 annually." - Advisor

Client - "I am getting ready to retire and you want to manage my $800,000 401k balance at the same 1% fee. This would increase the fee I pay you 5x from $2,000 to $10,000 annually.  Explain to me in detail how you will increase my service 5x."

"I really don't have an answer for that." - Advisor

Fortunately, I can easily answer this question and my clients appreciate knowing exactly what they are paying for.

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Flat-Fee Financial Planning in Akron, Ohio and for Individuals Everywhere

My expertise and value of service don’t change as your portfolio inflates or decreases. So why should my fees? The answer is, they don’t.

I consider myself to be an open book. That’s why I value honesty and transparency in what I charge. My $4,800* annual flat fee is based on the value of service I can provide to you as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. *Please note the annual flat-fee will be $8,400 beginning January 1, 2020 for new clients.

Increase Your Odds of Successful Investing

The Forward Thinking philosophy is simple. If you take control of three major aspects of your financial life, you can significantly increase the odds of successful investing. These include:

  1. Controlling the fees you pay your advisor
  2. Controlling the fees you pay for investment products
  3. Minimizing the tax impact of your portfolio

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Life?

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Creating Financial Independence Through Honest Solutions

I Serve People Who Seek Transparency.

From dedicated medical professionals to hardworking attorneys and CPAs, I collaborate with analytical professionals who value transparency, honesty and direct solutions.

Your time is valuable and the financial challenges you face can be burdensome. Whether you’re managing large student loan debt or looking to start your own business, Forward Thinking Wealth Management has the experience to help you make sense of your entire financial picture.

I’m ready to help hardworking professionals at any stage of life

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Do You Know the Key to a Successful Retirement?

No matter the profession, everyone’s greatest fear about retirement is running out of money. In my opinion, the most important and often overlooked factor in determining whether you will have a successful retirement is having a firm grasp on your spending in retirement.

I help clients develop retirement strategies with the goal of making their money last longer.

Flat-Fee Financial Planning For Any Profession

If you’re a pre-retiree who has been invited to pension plan sales pitches disguised as “free” dinners, join the club. While you’re enjoying dessert, the hosts are pushing products and services to give you a “one size fits all” retirement plan approach.

That’s something I don’t believe in.

Instead, I work with my clients to develop personalized strategies centered around their unique needs. And, my fee-only philosophy means I’ll never collect a commission for selling certain services or products.

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