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Flat Fee Financial Planning & Investment Management

It's Not What You Make.
It's What You Keep.

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Who I Work With

Partnering with People Who Prefer to Pay Based on Knowledge and Experience.

My clients are hardworking  professionals who have worked many years with long hours requiring focus and finesse. Their days also call for a strong dose of flexibility, given they often need to address matters that arise unexpectedly. Outside of work, they want to spend the time they have left with their families, their friends—and doing what they love.

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Sound Like You?

If you value transparency, honesty and direct solutions from someone who understands the challenges you face, we’d be a good fit.

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The Kind of Financial Planning and Wealth Management That Fits Your Needs

Making Sense of Your Entire Financial Picture

I’ll work with you to develop a structured and proactive financial plan aimed at minimizing taxes, managing your cash flow and overall simplifying your financial life so you can be confident in your future and more present in your free time.

My philosophy has always been as follows: “It’s not what you make—it’s what you keep.”

All Financial Services Within One Flat Fee

$3,000 per quarter

The Guiding Process

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Collaborating with Forward-Thinking Professionals

Who Are Looking for a Personalized Approach

Maybe you’re hitting a point where you’re thinking about retirement, or maybe you’re just ready for a more organized approach to your finances. Whatever you’re facing, I’d love to see how I can help you make the most of your wealth.

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Meet Daniel P. Johnson, CFP®

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Daniel P. Johnson, CFP®

 Hi there! I'm Dan Johnson, CFP® and I'm the Founder and President of Forward Thinking Wealth Management.

I run an independent fiduciary, fee-only, values-based financial planning and investment management firm. My firm is based in Akron, OH, but I work virtually with clients from all over the country.

I created Forward Thinking Wealth Management from scratch after realizing I wanted to operate under a flat-fee structure where I charge a select group of clients based on my knowledge and experience. 

We emphasize financial planning to help guide our clients maximize their resources and live meaningful and purposeful lives.

 A few nuggets about me:

  • I grew up in the house my grandfather built and my mom was raised in.
  • After finishing up grad school at Ohio State, I moved to Michigan. I think OSU beat Michigan twice in the 11 years I lived there. It was rough being an alum then. 
  • I spent over a decade in local government management. This is probably why I charge a flat fee based on knowledge and experience, not on what I can sell you.
  • My wife is a nursing professor and our two sons are in college. 
  • My Superpower: I listen. And I am good at it!
  • On weekends you can often find me on a local hiking trail around Akron. The Chuckery Trail is my favorite.
  • I love seeing live bands in smaller venues. My favorite band is Nine Inch Nails although the artist I most enjoy seeing live is Frank Turner. 
  • Luigi’s Pizza is overrated. Come at me!
  • I like to stay active and try new things. Next on the list is hike Half Dome. 

On the professional side, I've been a Certified Financial Planner since 2012, a member of the Fee Only Network since 2017, a member of the Financial Planning Association since 2020, and both the XY Planning Network and NAPFA since 2021.

Your Tough Financial Questions, Answered

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