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100% Committed to Generation X.

helping serious generation x professionals organize their financial lives and keep more of what they make.



Generation X

One Flat Fee

Did You Know Anyone Can Call Themselves a Financial Planner?

The financial services industry is cluttered with confusion, commission-based advising and product pushing.

I founded Forward Thinking Wealth Management to cut through the confusion in this vast world that is the financial services industry. I offer full-service, financial planning focused on helping Generation X organize their unique financial lives.  And I charge a single flat fee of $8,400 regardless of income or asset level. While I’m located in Akron, Ohio, I’m proud to work virtually with clients across the country.

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Dan Johnson, CFP®

I have a very different background than most financial planners.  After finishing grad school at The Ohio State University I spent over a decade working for local cities in west Michigan in city management focusing on economic development.  Eventually my wife and I wanted to move back to the Akron, Ohio area to raise our family and I made the shift to working in the financial services industry.  I spent roughly a decade working first at Merrill Lynch and then at a small investment firm in the greater Akron area before deciding to launch my own firm.  I created my own firm because I believe charging one flat fee is a better way to serve my fellow GenX members.  

I currently live in Akron, Ohio with my wife and two sons.  Outside of work I’ve served my community with past memberships of the Julie Billiart of St. Sebastian Parish Board, which is a Catholic grade school for children with special needs, and also the Village of St. Edwards Nursing Home, as well as the John Glenn College of Public Affairs Alumni Board. During my free time, I spend as much time as possible with my family, which mostly seems to involve swim meets.

On the professional side, I've been a Certified Financial Planner since 2012, a member of the Fee Only Network since 2017, and a member of the Financial Planning Association since 2020. 

Goal-Oriented Financial Planning 

For Your Total Wealth Picture

Generation X Financial Planning And Wealth Management

Services that fit your needs.

I’ll be honest. Generation X gets ignored by the financial services industry. Unlike Boomers who are retiring, our assets are parked in our 401k plans. Our financial needs and lives are different than young professionals just starting out.  

That’s why I help my fellow GenXers with topics such as 401k balances, retirement catch-ups, college planning, tax minimization, making sure estate planning and insurance issues are in order, talking regularly to my advisor, and much more.  To get a clearer picture of all the services I provide to my Generation X clients, click here to see a summary of the comprehensive wealth planning services under my flat annual fee of $8,400. 

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Creating Financial Independence Through Honest Solutions

I Serve People Who Seek Transparency

Generation X: Those born between 1965 and 1980 face a unique set of personal, career and economic circumstances. The combination of these three can make it tricky to properly plan to reach your financial goals.

That's where I come in.

Collaborating with forward-thinking members of Generation X who value transparency, honesty and direct solutions.

Your time is valuable and the financial challenges you face can be burdensome. Whether you’re managing a large 401k balance or realizing it’s time to get serious about planning for retirement, Forward Thinking Wealth Management has the experience to help you make sense of your entire financial picture.

I’m ready to help hardworking professionals at any stage of life

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