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News & Articles

I’m Not Sorry

There’s an expression in my industry around diversification. It is along the lines of – “Having a client properly diversified means always having to say you’re sorry.” The basic premise is not all asset classes move in the same direction, at the same pace, at the same time.

What’s a Good Financial Plan

The question of what constitutes a quality financial plan is always a controversial topic in my industry. I thought I would pull out my soapbox and share some quick personal opinions on financial plans. Before I jump in, let me be clear – When it comes to the creation of quality and USEFUL financial plans I believe my industry has once again failed.

3rd Quarter Market Update

I haven’t done a market update in some time and since the 3rd quarter just ended I figured it was time to share some data. In this case, I am not sharing any thoughts. It’s just the facts! Feel free to use this information to impress your friends. However, next week we return to lessons. I think I will talk about behaviors and diversification.

Elder Financial Abuse and Prevention Tips

The topic of elder financial fraud is becoming a bigger topic by the day. CNBC (I will give them credit) had a good article on it recently. Before we run down some of the facts let me mention something. One of the first lines of defense when it comes to elder financial abuse falls onto financial advisors.

What’s Your Service Level?

I follow a few financial planners on Twitter and last week two of them were going back and forth (in a positive interaction) tweeting about how service levels differ between financial planners, advisors and salespeople. One of them, Carolyn McClanahan, has a graphic on her website comparing her services to asset-based advisors and commission-based advisors. I thought this was great as I frequently get people asking me what the difference is between what I cover with my clients and the typical financial advisor. It is so great I created my own and figured it was worth sharing to illustrate what comprehensive financial planning looks like in my world.